Monday, 28 September 2009

Unexpected disasters

Most months I have enough of a buffer left in my bank account that I can manage 1, 2 or 3 weeks of survival foodwise in case something should go wrong come payday. I would of course not manage to get bills paid or to buy a new bus card, but I wouldn't starve.

This month I didn't have a buffer. And something did go wrong.

I had left work early due to fever, aching throat and runny nose - generally someone you don't want around in an office to hand over the bug to everyone else, and I certainly didn't want to be there considering how I felt. It is almost two years since I got a cold or flu this severe so I've been living on luck, but now my luck obviously ran out. On my way home, it being payday and since I had received a reassuring letter home the day before with the sum that would be paid me the day after, I stopped to get groceries; comfort food, tea, lemons, strong mints for my sore throat, and enough to drink.

But when I was paying my card was declined. What? Not possible! I got paid today! It was rather embarrassing since the shop was understaffed and there was a huge queue, and I was fevered and confused.

I called some workmates to check but they had gotten paid. Strange. I went home and checked my account - no salary. Called the salary office (we have outsourced it) and they after rummaging around a bit found out they had paid it to someone else's bank account. Uh, what?

My weekend turned rather miserable.

I had money on my credit "card"; I cut the card years back, but I can transfer money from it to my regular account - however it takes a few days, so I was pretty damn broke and I was too tired and confused and couldn't get enough air, else I would probably have thought to check what cash I had (not much but some) and bring bottles to the shop. As it was I was very glad I had honey and a little mint tea at home, as well as a loaf of bread in the freezer, a brick of yoghurt in the fridge and some cup-a-soups in the cupboard. Still, not the ideal food, I wanted chicken soup, veggies and fruit, juice.. and I don't really stop feeling hungry by eating white toast-bread and cup-a-soup. :(

Sorry to all those who have had to live with my whining about this in IRC; I was too unamused and miserable to shut up.

Now I have money (got both my salary and the money from the credit account at the same time), I have shopped, I have eaten some caesar sallad and I have a cup of chai with honey. Life is so much better. Unfortunately there was no chicken in the shop so still no chicken soup.

The entire shopping expedition exhausted me though. I was thinking I'd go to work tomorrow but now I have fever again, so maybe not. But damn.. what a stupid time to get ill workwise. Two weeks later would have been perfect!! My workload is going to stack up now and I am already stressed about it. Deadlines, deadlines...

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