Monday, 28 September 2009


I was running out of things to do while home with a cold for the past two days. I had read six books. I had watched the season starts of three series I like. I was thinking about the fact that in a week I am leaving for Norway. So I started packing.

I did this in my normal systematic way; writing lists of what I might need and minimizing. Then I put things into my smallest carry-all to check if it would fit. Seems like it won't be an issue at all.

What is an issue... my cat thinks it is an issue that I am putting things into a bag. Very upsetting behaviour! What I find an issue is that I forgot to order books last week, and now it is too late. Alternatives: An expedition to book shops to get something, or re-read something from my own library. 5 hours on a train - each way - so about 1000 pages needed. Damn damn damn, something new would be nice.

Hopefully I will be well enough to make it to the book shops that has interesting things later in the week.

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