Monday, 28 September 2009


Who wouldn't want a dishcloth with this print? (here)

Or why not a lovely matching set of luggage... (the rest is from here)

A nice table... (the top one is detachable like a tray. The tray is also sold on its own.)

Pretty cupboards in several variations and different prints:

A chair or stool (I really like the white chairs. They would look good in my kitchen, four of them. And two or three or four stools as spares.)

And a few more trays. I like trays. I always serve my meals on trays when I am alone ;)


  1. Yum!
    Won't sit well with BF's taste though. *bookmarking anyway*

  2. So you are supposed to care about his taste and he not about yours? Yea right.


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