Monday, 7 September 2009

Disaster Comfort Read (and an open invitation..)

I finally realised why Flood feels like coming home to a wellknown book I have read before.

Baxter cowrote a trilogy with Arthur C. Clarke and I have read that, so the writing style is familiar and comfortable. The characters seem somehow familiar. This can be bad (lack of renewal) but it is also good. The characters are obviously not the same, but it still feels somewhat like it without being able to pinpoint it. But it is comfy. Like a wellfitting old coat.

Brian; if you read this, you should probably read Flood by Stephen Baxter. The world ends and all of that. And all those discussions we had about high ground, too. You will probably giggle your way through it.

By the way, I feel like going out and sitting in a cafe for hours drinking something warm and well-tasting and just talking idly and less idly about this and that. In sthlm and up to it? Give me a shout!

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