Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bulbs and poison

One day of early departure from work: already fifteen minutes past five in the afternoon. Plans: To go to Plantagen and then get an hour of exercise. The first half of that accomplished - but by the time I got home it was already 1930 and I was exhausted. At the moment I am drinking a cup of tea - which I barely have the strength to hold. New attempt at exercise tomorrow, I suppose - skipping out of the dinner at work in the evening.

Thanks to the helpful people at Plantagen for identifying the pest on my roses, suggesting several means of dealing with it, and generally being friendly and helpful. I wound up buying both the more environmentally friendly but less efficient bug-killer and the more efficient and more poisonous one. The latter can only be used twice on the plant and if you miss all the bugs some will survive and spread again. Thus I figured I'll have the other one as a backup. The advantage of the friendly one is that it can also be used against bugs on edible plants - yay! Finally!

And then I bought bulbs - I'll set them in october when I will autumn-proof my balcony anyway. Two different tulips, alot of double narcissus (probably a mistake, I think I am allergic to them, but they look impressive in clusters), and a few snow drops - the Galanthus kind which is what grew wild in abundance in my childhood's oak forests. Those tiny things were twice the price of the tulips :/ Wish I could afford an abundance of them on my balcony.

Now: Sleep. What a day.

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