Saturday, 19 September 2009

The boring post.

Not much is going on. I have a draft of a post I should continue writing on, but while that is being fleshed out I feel rather silent.

Nothing much of interest has happened. Some drama at work and I wish I could just do the hermit thing and avoid people completely, it would be so much easier and a much happier existance.

My pupils came back to normal by the time I woke up saturday a week ago, my medicine has not started working yet but it has been fairly dry weather so I feel better anyway, the bug killer seemed to work with just one round of spraying of the rose, my hibiscus thinks it is high summer and is flowering daily, my basil threw all its leaves but decided to flower instead, and in two weeks I go to norway to spend some time with mother. Really boring in other words.

The high points of the week was when I had SEK 666 in my account, bought fresh garlic, and tried learning to apply eye-makeup as well as Julia. I don't think I have found my own life this bland ever before - I think it is just a hiatus, it is a long time since I got some real rest (just one week off since last christmas, and I didn't really rest then either) and my holiday is near (yay).

Oh, and I finished Flood (and was dreaming about the world flooding the night after), and I also read The Blood Detective which I enjoyed immensely. Now I am reading Modesty Blaise comics because I can't afford to buy anything new and it was the only thing I had unread apart from some science fiction which I don't feel like reading. I don't know why I haven't been reading these actually, there is a reason I collect them and I am rediscovering it today.

Eyes back to normal (all made up and nowhere to go):

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