Sunday, 30 August 2009

Reading status

Almost done with the Mars trilogy (which has been interspersed with other books to make it last longer). I find myself reading slower to make it last.

What next? Probably Flood (Baxter) as it is lying there looking accusingly at me on the shelf, and I was recommended reading something, anything, Thomas Pynchon, so I will have to drop by a book shop to look for something.

If you have other recommendations, please post!

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  1. After watching the first season of True Blood, I hopped on reading the books. And now after I finished the first book (second of the series) from Charlene Harris, I find that relatively entertaining. In a bit same way as those Bones-books, but with the supernatural twist. Will have to see if the rest is any good.

    Thus, Charlene Harris, Sookie Stackhouse -novels, for very easy-reading escapism.


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