Sunday, 16 August 2009

New World Order...

I've had a busy sunday. Late last afternoon I quickly rearranged some of the furniture in my bedroom slightly in an attempt to make it look more spacious (the hope is to get rid of the ugly ivar shelves that is blocking light now and replace them with something like this for storage - yes, I guess I will continue to go with ikea since its affordable and available).

Today I continued the process I started yesterday, since I had to realign a door to avoid it snagging on the carpet, and the moving of wardrobes revealed that I had six large moving boxes hidden behind them (which I had somehow managed to semi-forget). So I sorted through the contents, threw away a lot, rearranged the rest of the contents into three boxes, and proceeded to go through the contents of my closet to make space for them there. I can't believe how many empty boxes I had hidden away in there. I still have to take the stuff that is going into storage away, but I feel I accomplished alot so far. The bedroom looks spacier and lighter, it is easier to get out onto the balcony, and the laundry drying rack is hidden behind a screen instead of standing in the middle of the room. Progress!

Now I just have to wash dishes and cook a bunch of lunches for the coming week, before I can call it a day... :P

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