Monday, 24 August 2009

Movie recommendations

I do not have a TV, I have never had a TV and I do not watch many movies or TV series. The things I like I watch on my laptop.

I need recommendations!

Stuff that is good and that you think I might like.
Here is a list of random things I have liked during my life - probably alot is forgotten but it is to give you a hint of what might work out.
- Boondock Saints (no comment)
- Tri Orisky pro Popelku (for Christmas, even with the gory original fox scene)
- NCIS (to the point that I rewatched it from the beginning last winter)
- BBC's Pride and Prejudice (funny. In that good way. And faithful to the books, too)
- Wall-E (I can imitate some of wall-e's sounds. With my magnificent robot voice. One of the many robot voices I do)
- Reign of Fire (it was hilarious. Not enough to watch again, but hilarious, probably unintendedly so. And some good dragon gfx too.)
- Brotherhood of the Wolf (EVEN if I first saw it with Finnish subtitles. It is in French if you did not know.)
- Bourne trilogy (dunno why. entertaining I guess.)
- Grand Designs (channel4. Yay houses!)
- Some movie where they are sailing in old fashioned sailing ships and go to Galapagos (I think). I don't remember its name. Whatshisname plays a captain. They make bad jokes about bugs in bread. My memory is no good which is why this list is will end now, I can write page up and page down in this style but it won't help you much.

What I do not like are most comedies, which just make me feel embarrassed and makes me want to hide my eyes and plug my ears. Also I don't like scary movies unless I have someone to secure the building with me afterwards (paranoid, me?) and maybe not even then (depends on what kind of movie it is), and I tend to totally ignore most modern TV-series that the people I know watch as they bore me out of my mind - I haven't been able to identify what it is with them.
I tend to like weird, difficult or just fast stunts, I like obscure/weird/black humour, I like pretty pictures, I like documentaries. I tend to like westerns. And crime/mystery/whodunits, in movie as well as in book form.

Post your suggestions in the comment field!


  1. Me, I'm into scifi (star wars), fantasy (lotr), animation (wall-e); preferably with a healthy dose of action. Mysteries are cool too; I luv Midsommer Murders.


    (*) Rosens namn: Detective story which takes place in a 14th century monastary.

    (*) Kung Fu Panda: Awesome gfx/animation. The best movie ever... if you can overlook the errors, oddities, cheap jokes, and inconsistencies of the script, that is.

    (*) Constantine: Maybe. Not sure if you'd like it. Might wanna check it out though.

  2. I liked Star Wars when I was a kid, I guess I still like the three old movies. I haven't seen all of the newmade prequel-trilogy.

    I did not particularly like LoTR. I do not particularly like the books either. The last of the three movies bored me out of my mind, I fell asleep several times and had to start over.

    Animations I tend to like better, at least when I they seem to have a point (eastern animations are often beyond me, or just too silly).

    I have not seen midsomer murders either, so maybe that should be on the list.

    Continue building the list - I am going to need it this autumn.

  3. Star Wars: I watch the prequels every now and then. Kick-ass effects. And it's so cool to see Yoda with the lightsaber. o_0

    LoTR: I don't particularly like the books either. Tolkien was not that good at storytelling, but the world he created is totally awesome. It's unfathomably rich.

    Animations: Have you seen Bolt? I love it. The first 5 minutes are totally ridiculous, but just hang in there, it becomes clear later on.

    Sure, add Midsomer Murders to the list, it's great.

    More suggestions:

    (*) Gladiator

    (*) The Dark Knight

    ... by the way, you have seen The Lion King, right?

  4. I would stay away from the prequel Star Wars because they're just bad (no offence Tau.Pin). To be honest, it's hard to recommend something by the list you've given above of things you liked...anyways, I'll give it a shot:

    Mystic River (serious but great cinema directed by CLint Eatwood)

    Juno (charming and witty comedy)

    The Game (good thriller directed by David Fincher)

    Planet Earth (documentary series)

    Murder By Death (old Whodunnit flick but funny)

    Hope this helps a bit :)

  5. Oh, and I watched a whole bunch of "what would happen if humanity died out all of a sudden" mini-series. I generally like nature shows etc. But yea, action movies go down well, I am sceptic to SF/fantasy movies because the quality tend to be crappy more often than not. Although they might give a good laugh for the very same reason.

    Thank you for suggestions so far - I will probably just start to work through the list, get side-tracked, go back to it when I eventually remember, etc. Keep it coming! I am going to want/need at least 3-5 hours of it per week and weeks pass fast.

  6. When you get at it, try True Blood. It's relatively nice vampire flick, the first season of 12 episodes is already out and the second is going. The plot is very contineous, without too much of reruns of things that have happened or episode-wise miniplots.
    It takes place in Southern US, so the language they use is quite nice too.

    And also Carnivale. It's visually enthrilling, and the plot is quite nice. The second season (after which they ended it) is a bit.. not so great ..but otherwise it was quite nice.

    Oh, and Pushing Daisies! It's nice! Especially visually and narrator-wise!

  7. Weeds.

    I liked the show "weeds"...funny show.


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