Thursday, 13 August 2009

Low pressure weather

Linus tends to want to bury down beneath something, whatever, when it is rainy or just low pressure. He will dig down into the sofa pillows, under my duvet, under my shirt, under me for that sake. Hide and sleep.

I had some rather nice videoclips of the bus-height sprays when driving through the rivers, I mean, on the roads. Especially in Tensta there is a sloping road that is dug into the hill, so it has 3-4 meter sloping "banks" on each side - nicely catching the rain water. However I have technical problems with said video files, dunno how to view them.

Oh, and I was too busy just watching and smiling happily at the weather at first, it was getting alot better when I remembered I had a camera. No more hail, and less rain. Though you CAN see the leftovers of the hailstorm in one photo. Click to enlarge, etc...

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