Monday, 31 August 2009

Lies! Elliptical lies!

Well. Got the elliptical gadget (see comments of this post), DHL was kind enough to follow their own directions and deliver it "sometime monday afternoon". Built it. Tested it briefly. It will do.

However, it claims I am in good shape (after measuring my pulse, both working pulse, resting pulse and getting from the former to the latter), just fat. Do we believe it? Hah. Funniest thing all week (which admittedly hasn't been long, but I am willing to include last week too). (Addition to clarify: I don't think it understood that I could take it no longer when I stopped after a few minutes, it just thought I got bored or something.)


  1. How cool! But yea, happy running with it, it is fun! At least more fun than riding an exercise-bike or rowing.

    I should drag my ass to the gym to use one too. Would do wonders if I could do it at least some times a week.

  2. Yea. I have long since realised my problem is getting out of the flat. So I had to bring the exercise possibilities home. Done! No more excuses.


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