Wednesday, 5 August 2009

How to turn Silme into a raging zombie

The past three nights I have been kept awake or woken by neighbours hammering, moving furniture and talking loudly/shouting at eachother until 10-11 in the evening. They always start around 9pm. Last night I was actually on the brink of calling the landlord to have them come and shut the neighbours up, I was looking desperately for the phone number when they suddenly became quiet. This morning there are notes stuck to the walls of both elevators – a printout of the guidelines from the landlords homepage with the “no hammering, drilling or other noisy work after 8pm” part highlighted and a request to give me some sleep, please. It is starting to affect my ability to work, this lack of sleep – losing 2-3 hours every night three nights in a row already makes me feel zombieish in a way no caffeine high can cure.

Please, just let me sleep!

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