Sunday, 23 August 2009


Last autumn - fairly early last autumn - I went to the doctor because my ever-aching joints were worse than ever and I had trouble getting up and down stairs, holding pens, cups and other things, and pushing to open a door hurt my elbow so much I almost started crying.

Tomorrow I am FINALLY getting to see a specialist. I am better in some regards since my joint problems have always been weather based - and summer is warmer and drier than winter so I am doing better. There are just vague aches and sometimes weakness. Except that we had a storm a week ago and a few rainy days now, so my knees are bad again. Really bad. Ow.

I just spent an hour trying to answer the questionnaire I received in the mail which they want me to fill in before I go there. So many questions, so many strange words, and so many things I don't really know the answer to.


  1. I hope you get good news from the specialist! Fingers crossed.

  2. Good news in this case would be a diagnosis and HELP.


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