Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Generic randoms

My cat is sitting beside me purring very loudly and insistently. Why? The cheese, of course. I bought some camembert and a baguette. Linus LOVES camembert.

I bought train tickets to Kongsvinger (first train station on the Norwegian side of the no/se border). Five days in October. I who was intending to not go anywhere at all during my holiday. Ah well, me and Linus are going on a trip! And we will be three going back, Pepper too. Do you think I will survive living here with two cats, one of which is a teenager cat? If you want feline company and live in the general area you are welcome to come help me scratch when that situation arises ;)

Also I have turned into a coupon shopper. I saved up several coupons that did not negate eachother (they frequently say "not valid with any other offer" but these didn't) and went to H&M and got stuff for about SEK 600 but I only paid SEK 205. Feeling very frugal, and now I have a buttoned shirt for work.

My meds are of course special order, but should arrive tomorrow. I will have to go back and get them. And I don't understand the Swedish pharmacy system. Last time I bought Telfast (about two months ago I think) it cost me SEK 135. Now it cost me SEK 440. Oh, and my painkillers have an ominous name. Orudis Retard. Seriously. And my other medication, the one I am supposed to take every day, can cause colourblindness. The side effects just get more and more interesting...


  1. Oh god I love these meds which have the "retard" on them :D

    ...and in the case of colourblindness you will have to paint in black'n'white!

  2. And red? Pretty pretty please?

    Unfortunately my favourite colour is green, with red/pink coming close behind. Those are the most common to go. But well.. Hopefully I won't be the 1 in whatever many get that. And I am fighting it by going to regular sight checkups with a really good optometrist, arranged at work today by pulling some strings and asking the right person nicely. Taking no chances.


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