Sunday, 23 August 2009

Bob the builder

I have complained about the shelves I have in my bedroom, that look more like something meant for storage in a basement than something in a bedroom. However I need the storage so I can't throw them out until I have replacement.

Temporary solution in place now, anyway. (Temporary in this case will probably last for a year or more, unless I suddenly get more money). A bamboo screen I had standing in a corner and sometimes around the laundry drying rack to hide it, became three doors for the shelves turning them into cupboards that while aren't really nice, are ALOT better than what was before (looks tidier and the shelves are mostly hidden). And the bamboo front matches well with the rest of the room. So progress.

Yay for improvisation :)


  1. Sometimes my whole apartment feels like a temporary solution. ;)

  2. It is common, I think. I have moved 25 times plus (Mike, how many times have I moved?) in my life and I am used to living partly in boxes and with temporary solutions.

    It is strange to settle in, to try to get rid of imperfect solutions and instead get everything streamlined. I quite like it though.


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