Sunday, 26 July 2009


Initial sketch. Safely stored in a clip frame on a wall since I know that with my clumsyness and my cat's love of destruction, it will not survive else.

I repeat, sketch, I do not in any way feel done with this. Hopefully I will have the time and energy to make it into a bigger version in october. There are lots I want to change! But I think it will be nice when it is done. The damn calligraphy in the edges might be going though, because it damn near killed me already.

Of course you might have had to have read the book I am inspired by to understand what you are looking at... (link is to the first book out of three)

And please don't give me suggestions of what to change or anything, this is my sketch and my idea and I have my own plans for it. Just wanted to share how I spent my weekend.

(5mm felt tip pen on 110g sketching paper)


  1. I was just reading those books a came across this picture doing random google searches. The imagery of viriditas is one of my favorite parts of the books. Lovely picture.


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