Thursday, 9 July 2009


We took our chances with the weather this morning and headed to the beach - where we sat among swan-poo and seagulls for a bit, Bele got to swim, I was freezing and using my towel as a cloak (fully according to approved towel-use - HHGTTG style), then the clouds started looking more and more threatening, the periods of sunshine and heat got shorter and shorter and we decided to go back - in time to enjoy another thunderstorm with lots of rain from indoors. Whee!

We have been watching BBC-adaptations of some classics the past few days; Jane Eyre and Sense and Sensibility - Bele wasn't familiar with either story and so I was much amused. The JE adaptation is very confusing however; I know the story and it annoys me how much they cut out - Bele expressed confusion and claimed she would not know what was going on if I hadn't explained which pieces had been cut away.

Else; this blog is currently suffering some DNS problems which ought to be sorted as soon as records update. So if you couldn't get here late wednesday or early thursday, that is why.

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