Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Scribe

I am working on a sketch for another of my book-posters (some sort of fan art, in other words). First out was J.R.R. Tolkien ("Beren&Luthien") (first one in 1999, reworked in 2002), then Anne McCaffrey("Firelizard Fair") (2002), Elizabeth Haydon("And Then Fell a Grievous Blow" Unfortunately I can't find the photo anywhere) (2005) and now Kim Stanley Robinson ("Viriditas").

Just the research and the sketch (in A3 format) is 2-3 full days of work, the actual drawing will probably have to be saved for my vacation in october. Luckily I still have one sheet of the paper I bought for the initial ones left.

So what are these drawings?

I sometimes get images in my head, and sometimes I get them while reading. This time it hit like lightning while I was reading during my lunch break earlier this week, and I made some rough ballpoint sketches on the back of discarded reports from the switchboard and brought with me home.

The finished products are ink drawings, monocolour, of 70x50cm size. I sort of want to colour them with water colour (that was the original intent) but I don't dare for fear of ruining them. I should try to get good copies of them on similar paper quality (that can handle water colour), but I haven't the faintest idea about how to accomplish that.

I like drawing in ink of various colours, filling in with water colour or ink in contrast colour. I love drawing celtic style patterns and illuminated pages. But nothing beats the flow of these "large style illuminated pages" I sometimes get the inspiration for. It is like the writing urges I more often experience, the flow of words in poetry shape inside my head. Except it is far more physically and mentally exhausting than writing!

Another thing is that I can really see that my eye and skill has developed vastly during the years, even though I almost do no artistic work beyond drawing celtic patterns (step patterns, key patterns, knotwork). I am really looking forwards to seeing the finished product this time! I will post a photo when the ink-sketch is done (hopefully tomorrow).

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  1. Those are beautiful. You're really talented. Wish I could draw/paint. But I don't have the patience and/or talent to learn. =)


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