Saturday, 18 July 2009

Reading status

For my vacation I bought an anthology of the three first Dexter's, figuring that would be enough to keep me occupied (it would have been). During the week I also picked up Kim Stanley Robinson's The Martians, however, so now I have abandoned Dexter midway in the third book and am reading that instead. His Mars trilogy (Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars) is one of my true comfort reads that I keep going back to, this is a collection of related shorter texts (some short stories, some poetry so far). Wonderful wonderful. It is like a memory of a dream or of a holiday in a fantistic place, reading the short stories is full of associations, making me smile as a memory pops up or a I recognise something.

Else I have, in the weeks before my holiday, been reading Reichs (got Devil Bones as a gift and to my surprise liked it), re-reading the rest of my Gemmell books, read Clarke+Pohl's The Last Theorem, ran out of Rankin's (there are more but I have to order them online, and that always goes badly with me ordering something like 30 books, so I haven't dared what with needing a new monitor and all), re-read PD James' the Lighthouse as well as the few Hillerman novels I have, gave up re-reading Emma since we saw a Hollywood version of it during my holiday and that turned me off the story completely, chewed through a Gabaldon book in a matter of days, and read some Binchy and Pilcher to make me happy through rainy days. The great majority has been crime novels though, so I guess that is my current preferance. Will probably soon tilt to some other direction.

On my to read list there is another Reichs book that Beledra left here, finishing off the Dexter book + the Martians, a couple of Ursula le Guin books I have lying around, a couple of SF anthologies. I have started reading Tad Williams' War of the Flowers over a year ago but I find it very hard to get into. Can't be bothered about swedish mystery authors at all and am actually considering getting rid of those books, I don't read them. Mostly picked up at book sales.

And I am seriously considering re-reading the Mars trilogy again, it has been at least 1,5 years since I last read it and they are due another re-read. :D

Completely apart from books and reading:
During the week I took portrait photos of 35 people at work, edited them friday - and I found myself smiling and laughing all the time, because all the photos were of people that were smiling and laughing and having fun. Such an amazing group of people and such happy photos. I was a bit worried about how it would go in advance, since "forced" photo sessions like that are usually rather unpopular and you wind up with a lot of stiff photos of people posing in uncomfortable silence against a white wall. I will use the photos to cheer me up I think, if I have a tough day at work I will go look at them all and I cannot help smile back at all the smiling beautiful faces.

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