Friday, 17 July 2009

More Food Habits

I have become more and more conscious of what I eat as a side effect of my illness, and since most fruits/veggies are off-limit I have noticed more and more that I don't always get all the vitamins and whatnot I need. Mostly because my nails go all bumpy. I mean, I notice it better, I honestly think the bumps comes from sometimes actually getting the vits/minerals now that I didn't before ;)

This spring/summer I have become more and more adept at actually remembering to look for fruit/veggies I can and will eat if I buy them when I get groceries or eat out. I think I am on the way to something good. I still am far from perfect but I am getting better at it, and I am rather proud of the fact. I have, after all, lived almost 3 decades without eating much fruits/vegetables at all (not necessarily because I don't like them, but because they make me sick or give me bad rashes).

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