Sunday, 19 July 2009

High Heels on Mars

I wish I could still walk on high heels. I used to be fine, then I sprained my ankle while drunk, and although I was walking on heels after that, my ankle hurt more easily combined with the fact that I moved to Sthlm shortly thereafter and Sthlm has cobble stones on alot of streets and thus I gave up the notion without ever making a conscious decision to do so - resulting in the fact that now I have to wear sneakers if I am going anywhere, since I cannot walk far on heels. Sometimes I try. That results in things like forcing my mother to switch shoes with me midway on shopping trips. Luckily my mother is very kind (sometimes) and does that without too much complaints.

I know it is healthier to wear sneakers. I really know. Because it hurts to not do so. But... damn. Looking good would be nice too, not just wearing my ugly white sneakers with any outfit?

Random regrets from Silme-world. Even though I mostly wear baggy jeans and t-shirts, I have those regrets, apparently.

On a different note - I couldn't resist starting over on Red Mars after finishing The Martians last night, so now I am doing that but I am also sketching on my own Mars story. This will never end well.

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