Thursday, 16 July 2009

Food Habits

Right. I usually eat breakfast around 0540-0610 am on weekdays. Lunch sometime roughly around noon or a little before.

But apparently I am not in the habit of eating anything else, when I started thinking about it. I will eat if other people want food in the evening but when I am alone I am prone to forgetting.

The reason I remember now was that I was feeling queasy and rather dizzy, and suddenly realised I was probably hungry (after suffering the feeling unquestioning for over an hour). Yesterday I was too much in need of a caffeine fix when I got home, then overcaffeinated, to notice anything. Other days I guess I just forget, unless - like today - I get physical side effects of not eating.

Dunno if it is bad for me to not eat or what. Unless my body protests it shouldn't be a problem I figure. Or maybe my absentmindedness is going to damage me permanently, who knows. Heh.


  1. Oj, ingen middag!? jag skulle tuppa av vid 18.30 haha..

  2. Hazarding a guess, I'd say yeah, it probably is bad for you not to eat. :) But I dunno. You should notice that your energy levels are low if you keep skipping meals, unless you compensate with e.g. caffeine. And smoking - do you smoke? - can suppress hunger. I know that because I saw it on TV, so it must be true. :P

  3. Martin: I am rarely even home before 18.30 - lovely little commute ;)

    Tau.Pi: No I most certainly do NOT smoke! Hmpf! And tbh.. most days I even avoid caffeine after 1700. I don't drink much coffee, mostly tea, so I tend to get a huge kick out of coffee, not good in the evening.


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