Sunday, 26 July 2009


I dreamt I was biking through Norrköpings industrial landscape on a red LW bike. Not the ideal place to ride a bike in the first place. I stopped due to the obstacles, confused about how to get further on my way, seeing something interesting (cannot recall what) and stooping to take photos of it with my mobile phone. Then - distraction! In my peripheral vision something moved, and I did a double take as the astoundingly beautiful Julia passed through my dream on her way somewhere, I hope, really interesting and nice.

I very rarely dream about people that actually exist but I don't know in person, which is why it amused me when I woke up.

In other news my sketch is progressing nicely, working on the border + the central piece now. Should finish today without problems, well, might be a problem in the sense that I should do housework, but ah, you know, priorities.

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