Wednesday, 15 July 2009

5-in-1 Blogpost

Headaches and Caffeine:
Home. Headache. I know I drank enough (I stood in one spot and made myself drink glass after glass of water at work when I realised I was running the risk of dehydration), but I probably didn't get enough caffeine.
What does a good Silly do? Of course make a pot of coffee, put some cheap vanilla icecream in a big latte glass, pour the coffee over it and gulp it all down in less than two minutes. Very sane and now I am shaking just a teeny little bit. Ah well, the things we sacrifice. My head feels good again!

Rosal Assault:
Out on the balcony I was assaulted by one of the roses, which had grown several meter long arms which reached out for me and grabbed my hair as soon as I got out there. It is now somewhat more restrained, however I should have done that before the heatwave to make it look better.

Paid Photoshoots:
I have photos to post, but not here: In my camera there are still photos from last week (of, among other things, a curious swan), but my camera is locked up at work due to an attempt at taking nice portrait photos of the current 55 people in our department. Getting to use my camera, alot, on work hours! I have to find my tablet, I am not sure where I put it, because there is alot of editing in my near future to make them into good mugshots with name'n'all before print, laminating and putting them on the wall. Will have to bring in my laptop for the job, but eh - it makes for a change.

Adjusting to Summer and Who Spent My Money:
Although the days are fairly warm-ish, my flat is surprisingly cool, or I am just used to the summer warmth. I am certainly used to the light, there are no longer any problems falling asleep at night or waking up too early if I want to sleep in a bit as there was a few weeks ago, but that doesn't mean I don't get up super early anyway - cause I do. Today I was up at 0430 which even I find a bit excessive, especially since the boost of energy my 1 week summer holiday gave me means I use half the time in the mornings. It means, however, that I get to read in the mornings. Nice.
That said: I wouldn't mind another week or two off - but on the other hand, I know they are coming in october.
Anyway working is cheaper; I can use the microwave at work to reheat all the frozen leftovers I have in my freezer and eat those. And I really need to, cause I am damn near broke now (SEK260 enough to live for two weeks? Oh yes baby!). Dunno what happened. Didn't seem to spend THAT much? Maybe I did, then.
I can afford a few coffees with friends and that is what it will be used for. :)

Adjusting to Having Friends too:

Oh yea.. I spent the two last days of my vacation bored out of my mind after having had company for a week. I still hunger for the company of real* people so dear friends new and old, if you have time over and can stand my company for a few hours, now is the time to suggest something before I withdraw back into my hermit crab shell.

*Real people being people I like, of course. People I don't like aren't real, they are just illusions there to annoy me.

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  1. Superb entry! <3

    I think I've fallen either on the caffeine addiction, or something else, since I'm getting three-a´clock-headaches now almost every day. Mild coke won't do the trick, painkiller and Battery do. Nngh :D

    And yea, it was so fun to be there!


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