Monday, 29 June 2009

Unhealthy realisations

I have been a "fast" eater since I was in like.. 2 grade and got teased for eating so slooow by my classmates. I still inhale my food unless I have something to distract me - good company, a book so that I am eating onehanded, etc. Eating fast is unhealthy - if you don't know why, go google.

Today I realised something that I the moment after I realised it also realised has potential to be terribly unhealthy for me.

While I object to buying food out mostly for financial reasons, I have known for a long time that my time is worth quite alot. And buying a sandwich or something while waiting for the bus or metro home, then eating it while walking, saves me all the time I would spend making food and eating it at home later! 5 minutes to buy the sandwich, can still catch the metro, 4 minutes to eat my sub while walking (or waiting for the metro).

So, yea. More time to blog, more inhaled food, more money spent. Good deal, no?

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