Saturday, 27 June 2009

Trying to be positive

In an attempt to be positive and more friendly towards myself than I usually am I am going to list some things I am good at. Just to have a reminder, like.

  • Make milkshakes and smoothies for my friends
  • Cook my staple dishes - I excel at. I am a decent cook overall though.
  • Draw celtic patterns, among other things usable as bookmarks
  • Come up with solutions to problems, thinking outside the box (faaaaar outside...)
  • I seem to be developing a green thumb or at least a working relationship with alot of my plants
  • I can make creative/beautiful/funny/nice/useful things out of almost any material, be it physical (crafting), literary (words or topics), or audio.
  • My cat loves me
  • I can cut my own hair and it's not just straight across
  • Remembering things or finding information or figuring out what the right answer should be. A combination of memory and ability to connect all the information I have.
  • Landing on my feet even if I do jump into the deep end first alot of the time.

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