Friday, 26 June 2009

Sound editing

After spending two days in a very steep learning curve trying to deal with Cubase without anyone to teach me in an attempt to get the new voice messages up on the switchboard before the campaign kicks off tuesday, I spent an extra hour at work tonight just playing with the program, which was alot more fun. I used alot of the bloopers the various people made when recording the voice, and mixed it with a melody/beat to a song of sorts, albeit a short one. However, since its the first music I have played with in that way I am fairly satisfied - it was merely meant as a humorous piece to ease off some of the annoyance of hearing the same message in 53 variations anyway.

I think my workmates might like it, I just hope the people that are featured won't hate me. Nothing I will spread on the intarwebs anyway, but still.


  1. I want to play with computer music stuff as well. I think it might be fun, and create way less mess than doing crafting and other stuff like that.

    Too bad that way too many friends are semi-serious hobbyist in that field, so it feels like stepping too much on their lawn..

    ..or then I'm just lazy!

  2. Aw, nevermind what other people does. That would be like not drawing because theres other people that takes it very seriously or are better at it or whatever makes you stop ticking.

    Make things that give you a sense of beauty, no matter how or in what medium.


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