Sunday, 21 June 2009

Search patterns (aka. I have some time over today)

rI picked a random date back in time - april 1st, 2008, as it turned out, and took out some statistics on what people have searched for to wind up on my blog from then to now. Then I went through it and grouped those that are basically the same.

1: Post-it origami, origami, folding is top1 with 481 hits.
2: My friend Beledra gets more hits on my blog than I do myself, she has 133 hits here,
3: ..while I have 127.
4: Search terms about allergies, illness, medicines, MRI and astigmatism has 27 hits.
5: Search terms with "random" in them, that are not "random silme" or similar, has 24 hits.
6: Stinking Ikea furniture has 21 hits - apparently there are more people than me that thinks it does stink.
7: Ystävänpäivä, friendship day has 14 hits, with or without my name.
10: 11 hits to Fjelberg, Halsnoy and Norway road trips when I group them (I do because they appear in the same context in my posts).
8: Tall ships has 10 - including searches directly for what I know is the names of some tall ships.
9: Unecessary information, onödig information, has 9 hits!

Other patterns:
5 people wanted to know how to spend their sundays if they are bored and lazy.
2 people wanted to know how to become diligent.
2 people wanted to disturb sleeping cats.
2 people wanted to buy Kathie Winkle items (why didn't they mail me??).
6 people looked for ubuntu cola.
6 people looked for the meaning of oniochalasia.
11 people came through looking for other things I've linked to which is not Beledra.
3 people wanted to get a tan quickly the chemical way
4 people wanted to play flash games.
2 people wanted to tidy their book cases.
4 people wanted to order norwegian black sand.
8 people were looking for five errors.
2 people wanted to buy books at the annual book sale in Sweden ("bokrean")
2 people were looking for some schaufensterpuppen
2 people wanted to see a miniature forest.
3 people wanted to go to the movies alone.
2 people wanted to committ logocide.
12 people are unnaturally interested in witches on broomsticks (grouped under origami above since thats why they came here).
...and a bunch of people search for stuff which I have no idea how it made them come here.


  1. "2: My friend Beledra gets more hits on my blog than I do myself, she has 133 hits here,"

    Now this is funny, since I hardly google/search for myself and can't figure out why ppl would be googling me by my nick, as I'm never around nowadays in IRC.

    Strange :)

  2. Googling for you by your nick and clicking on my blog, not yours, nonetheless.


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