Saturday, 27 June 2009

Predicting future regrets

Spent the day alternately lurking on irc/other places reached through my laptop, and reading on the balcony where there is a cooling breeze. Realised I should make a slight effort at cleaning since next week Bele is coming + we are playing boardgames here next weekend (provided the fair weather doesn't make people cancel). But eh.. it'll take ~1 hour to get it all done, later, later.. I know I will regret this tomorrow. Bah.

Reminder to self:
Lämna lägenheten för att köpa nytt SL-kort innan måndag. Annars jobbigt.


  1. How nice that you are already slightly stressing out about cleaning up due to my visit :D

    I should also manage to clean up at my place, before I get there, so I totally feel you :)

  2. You feel me? How kinky.

    Actually, if it was just you I'd be less stressed, but there's the other five people who want to play boardgames ;D


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