Saturday, 27 June 2009

For lack of a pollen filter

It was cold for so long that out of care of my roses and bellpeppers I chose to keep the balcony closed (not opening the windows). This week has been warm but I haven't taken the time to do anything about it - today I finally did and wow, what a difference that breath of air does.

So why didn't I before, surely it is just opening a few windows you say? Well - yes, just opening them is easy, they slide to the side. But I also have to make the place catsafe. So today I spent half an hour on a ladder attaching the net to the edges. Scary business, it is a long fall if I lose my balance.

The downside of having it open is that just with 2x 0,5 inch of opening everything was covered in an even layer of yellow pollen that blows in with the wind, I can imagine that it will get so much worse now. But well... it was just too warm, so both the inconvenience of needing to clean away the yellow fine dust and my allergies became lesser priorities. I have heard rumours of pollen filters, but as I understand these are finewoven cloth fabrics that also tend to block out most of the air. And that would make the entire operation beside the point..

I cleaned the windows earlier in the summer but what a waste of energy.. the same pollen is covering them from the outside now, they are as bad as ever.

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