Sunday, 21 June 2009

Bugs in the system

Another infestation of small green bugs on my balcony plants. Couldn't see any on the roses so the bug-poison might still be working, but the cucumberwort and the bellpepper plants were bugged down, the former more than the latter. The cw got thrown out completely since its not very attractive anyway and the bellpepper plants got a trip in the shower to rinse off the bugs. If I use the bug-poison on them I won't be able to eat the fruits I will hopefully be getting off them...

Couldn't see anything on the sugarsnaps nor the lettuce either, luckily.

Beats me how the bugs get into my winter-garden style balcony - my plants were completely bug-free by july last year, I haven't brought in any more grown plants just seeds which I've cultivated in there or in my kitchen.

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