Sunday, 14 June 2009

Action, reaction.

To my surprise there was actually some kind of debate on my last entry. Keep it coming, I think it is something important to talk about. I finally managed to express the issue better in the comments, so we need to keep talking to figure this out. Interesting discussion anyway!

It is raining. It never seems to stop. The streams/small rivers I've seen are flowing over. It is slightly warmer now; above 10C, but the rain keeps coming. I actually like rain however, but I wonder how it is going for the farmers. I know my bellpepper-plants are slightly unhappy. The lettuce seems to love the cold and is actually growing faster.

At least 10h of sleep put me right again it seems. Even if Linus is of the firm opinion that I have slept enough now and can we please do something fun.

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