Sunday, 31 May 2009

The sun IS trying to harm you.

Sometimes I like the sun, I mean, like being in the sun. Other days I prefer the shade. The past year I have followed a chart of UV-rays reaching us down here on the planet's surface and compared it to my like/dislike of the sun and yes - it seems I can feel it burning instead of just warming when the radiation levels are high. Apparently you get sunburnt easier when they are high, so that might be correct. Or I am just paranoid/easily overheated. Who knows.

Anyway, right now the radiation is unseasonably high in Scandinavia, so use sunscreen! Well, always use sunscreen, but it is even more important right now. And don't forget sunglasses - I can recommend spending money on a pair with real UV-protection, not just coloured lenses. Costs a bit more but you usually get higher quality lenses and frames for it, not just better protection. Take care of your eyes.

And on that note - in about an hour I will venture out on my balcony. I have morning sun and since I managed to fall asleep again today, and didn't get back up until around 10am, it was already too hot out there (for today anyway). I watered my plants and escaped back indoors. Around 1pm the south end of my balcony is in shade and I can sit out there, by 4pm it is all shade - but I can see the sun on the landscape (my excellent view, you know) so it is still really light and nice.

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