Sunday, 3 May 2009


I want two more large pots like the ones I recently bought.

Then I want a gooseberry tree (yes, I saw bushes grown like small trees today), a cherry tree (or maybe a plum tree), and a rhododendron.

I'm not sure a rhododendron will thrive in a pot but only one way to find out. And, to be a bit arrogant - if anyone can do it it got to be me - or what? :)

Cherry trees and gooseberry bushes will do ok in a pot as long as it is big enough. Juuuust like my roses!


  1. Du skulle kunna prova en kinesisk buskpion. jag kan ordna stickling åt dig, jättefina.

  2. Jag älskar alla växter och vill gärna prova, men, kära anonym - vem ska jag fråga?


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