Friday, 13 February 2009

I was challenged!!!

I finally got challenged to one of the blog-memes that go around! Ok, ok - so I basically begged for a challenge. But it worked! And I didn't actually expect to get one, so I was surprised! My completely ruthless and rather pathetic (but totally honest) hint about wanting one only removed a tiny measure of pleasure from the fact that I did finally get my challenge. I feel like I exist now! Thankyouthankyou!

The challenge; translated:
1: Enter your image directory
2: Enter the sixth folder and choose the sixth picture in that directory.
3: Show the picture on your blog and write something about it.

Something. Ok, so alittle more. This is Lucia. Lichtkönigin Lucia to be specific. She is a rosebush I bought early in the summer and placed in a pot on my balcony. One of two rosebushes. The other didn't bloom this first summer, maybe the one to come will bring more luck? But Lucia bloomed. All summer long and far into the autumn, and with fragrant "oldfashioned" roses. She is now resting, pruned down for the winter. But in not too many weeks it will be warmer and sunnier and I expect she will start getting shoots. :)

Yep. Hobby gardener. Never thought I would become this attached to my plants, I used to be able to kill every single plant I tried to care for. Nowadays I have a veritable garden in here and they tend to survive more often than not.

And I will send the challenge onwards.
Beledra (when you get back from your trip, I will wait patiently), Kajsa, Skogtussa.

(Michis, you can do it if you want :-P - and on the blog of your choice.)

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  1. Nuuuuuuu... sådär en 3 månader efteråt :))


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