Saturday, 29 November 2008

Before Winter

October 30th I spent my lunch break going for a walk - here is the documentation!
Thanks to blogger acting up they are in random order.
And this being Sweden, it was lunch time and the beginning of sunset.

Autumn leaves on the lawn, looking towards Ärvinge


I am not quite sure what it is, but it looks like an old farm or something. If you are in the know and reading this, please comment with the truth about the above buildings! (Picture taken on the other side of Kymlingelänken from Ärvinge/the lawn with the strange structure)
Training ground for dogs.

Lawn with strange structure.. I think it looks like a statue of a nuclear plant, or something.


Kista Science Tower seen above the treetops when I was standing on a rock.


Forest and paths.


  1. Vackra bilder!
    Saknar till Stockholm...


  2. Gården är antagligen Kymlinge Gård / Övre Kymlinge Gård.


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