Sunday, 22 June 2008


Are you like me, and don't really like the part of the watermelon that is closest to the skin (and I mean the red fruit meat, not the white stuff)?

I had some bad luck with the slice of watermelon I bought this weekend, and only the middle was properly ripe, the outter two inches or so were hard and kindof bitter. Bleh.

Didn't want to throw it away though, and sometime yesterday I came up with the idea to mash it and make it into a drink. Good one, huh?

Anyway; this is how I did it:

Put about 2-3 parts watermelon, roughly diced, and 1 part lemon-cactus sorbet into the mixer, together with a handful of icecubes. My mixer cannot crush ice but it doesn't matter in this case - they will do the job of cooling down the juice, because the sorbet isn't enough (I tried without first). If you want to you can remove them beforce serving (use a spoon). Ran it on full power until it looked smooth apart from the icecubes, maybe a minute or so.

Ready to serve. Considered adding some lime, and for some more citrus taste that could be a good idea, as it is it tastes wonderfully like melon but with a nice citrus freshness.

Oh and... this is an excellent alternative to milk shakes for all those lacto-intolerant people out there. :)


  1. Oh!
    Leo får köpa vattenmelon och sorbet till mig hör jag!
    TACK! *kramar om*


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