Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sunny sunday

My home is slowly taking shape. I turned the desk around and it suddenly seems more ...airy in here. Going to empty the big bookshelf and move it too, eventually - right now the space behind it is full of ...stuff... so I have to move those things before I can move the shelf. But I am on the right track at least, at last. Wish I had a better bookshelf than the partition, I actually regret buying it. I have always wanted one of those shelves but I must admit it wasn't as amazingly wonderful as I had thought, mainly because it is too deep by at least 10-15 cm.

Today I intend to make more spinach filled pastries, not sweet pastries but salty. Good food. I was planning to go to Plantagen, but I realised I prefer going when my cold has gone away. Hopefully they will be open next week too, even though it is midsummer. At least sunday should be normal again, I hope. Gonna have to limit my purchases since I am on foot, but... if I see too much I want I guess I can go back and forth ;) Or I will have to beg the service of someone with a car. Hmm.

Now I am going to try to tidy stuff out of my chairs (two out of three chairs piled full of things), and put some chicken in the oven to cook on its own.

Hope you all have a nice day as well :)

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