Tuesday, 17 June 2008

MRI, tears, panic.

So, yesterday was the scary day. Having people dig around in my sinuses ripping things out were nothing in comparison.

I am claustrophobic. There. It is said.

I am also afraid of hospitals, doctors in general, as well as being a general control freak.

Being inside that tube for 20 minutes = badbadbad.

They gave me some calming drug, shot into my arm, unfortunately it didn't start working until I had been in there for 15 of the 20 minutes. And I had to lie on the bench thing with my head looking into the tunnel while they set it, so I was already then starting to panic and was weeping with fear.

Shows up getting drugs shot into me has the same problem as anaestethics; it takes 10-15 minutes longer than they expect for it to work. At least I know if there is a similar situation again, that I have to ask them to set the calming meds before I even enter the room.

But the main thing is I did it. My face is better, more reaction already, so going wasn't really necessary I guess, but I decided to do it anyway just because I was so scared. It was horrible but if it is necessary again I know which precautions to take at least...

And; I have promised myself that if I get what I want this time, I am going to attempt to stop indulging some of my aspie tendencies. Cryptical but I do not dare be more specific. I might explain more here later, in a month or so. Or you can ask me in private if you wonder what the hell I am talking about!
(much later edit: It was the new job I was talking about, of course. And I got it and I am trying so hard... and it hurts so much, like twisting a limb at an unnatural angle.)

Now I have to run off to work... bbl

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  1. Big hugs!
    I am glad you are all right - and I understand the panic feelings... I sometimes (often) wish I had shots on my own that I could take little now and then... ehh...


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