Friday, 25 April 2008

When it rains, it really pours.

Since I am getting well from the concussion, slowly but surely, my body decided to trip me up again. The past couple of days (like four perhaps) I haven't really felt like I got better, actually I have felt more sleepy and weary again. The reason was apparent yesterday when I woke up looking like a giant hamster (one with a dark patch over one eye) due to my swollen neck...

The impetigo-lesions on my ear was a further clue, and I called and got an appointment with a doctor first thing this morning. Never has it been so easy to get a doc appt in sweden, I tell you! "Fell two weeks ago concussion sore infection impetigo swollen neck" and the nurse was scrambling to find me an appointment. She actually got me one with my regular doctor too, yay!
So, anyway. Staph infection. Two weeks on antibiotics. Hoo-fucking-ray...

Monday is work. Doctor told me to try to behave as normally as possible now and go to work on monday, but if I can't deal with it for a full day I am to call him monday or tuesday and he will extend my sick leave (or we will work out something about part-time). Sounds good, because I want to go to work but I feel a bit hesitant because I know how weak I have been the past two weeks, unable to do much at all without needing to take a break and sleep for a while.

But tomorrow is a happy day, because Halfmind and her friend Sassu are coming here from Finland! I will be feeding them and sending them on to TN, and sunday we are going together to the EN concert. Whee :) Only too bad I cannot come along to TN etc, but I guess I sortof accepted that I am fairly handicapped at the moment. Means I save money anyway, so not all bad.

Still haven't gotten an answer to my email from a week back, so I presume there will be no moving in this weekend either. At this point I am feeling rather indifferent, I can afford to live alone here although it won't be wonderful financially, but I can do it without hardship as long as I don't indulge in too many extragavancies - and I would love to have all the space alone. I just want a decision soon, I hate this inbetween stage, of unsureness and not knowing what will happen. Meh.

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