Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Time to move!


Hyper. Got the keys for the new flat yesterday. Moving saturday (three whole days left only!). Tomorrow mother is coming to help me focus my attention on packing.

Got problems sleeping, so hyper due to the move and also because it is the Week of Interrupted Sleep. I keep getting up in the night, though I have mostly managed to get back to sleep after refreshing the Current Standings page. Another good source of information can be found here, and here is the route they use this year.

Other news.. Trying to relearn NOT to hit enter after every word in Irc. I think I am getting better already but only time will tell. Hopefully the internet connection will already be working in the new flat when I move in - else I will be offline for a while.

So.. well.. not much more to say. Other than.. PLEASE come and help me move saturday... :)


  1. Yes, Please come and help! :-)

  2. Good luck with the moving! :)

  3. Grattis till nya lägenheten, och lycka till med flytten...!
    Jag skulle gärna komma och hjälpa till - men sitter här nu med snö upp över öronen (mycket jobb) och en hemsk halsfluss...


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