Sunday, 3 February 2008

A New Month

Not much have happened. I added eight books to my To-Read stack, diminished it somewhat by actually reading a few items, worked alot, worried more, was happy some of the time and sad some of the time. I also spent quite alot of time feeling rather hopeful.

Yesterday I worked late, and when I left home in the morning the weather was rainy but warm. By the time I was going home from work there was a snow storm and it was almost impossible to go anywhere. It is a long time since I felt so sorry for myself as when I was out in that cold and wind and snow, totally blinded and kept walking off the road and into drifts that filled my sneakers with snow. A drink at a bar when I got to the mall where I was meeting up with C warmed me somewhat but I am still slightly freaked out about the entire experience.

I was hoping spring would soon arrive after the warm winter, instead winter apparently decided to arrive at last. It is still snowing, but at least it is no longer windy.

This week I will try to renew my passport. Wish me luck.

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