Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Bokrea 2008

I limited myself.

But seriously, the stack of novels I have waiting to be read is as tall as me, or more.

So I mostly shopped for usefulness.

Dictionaries are always handy (even pocket variations of such).
With my relationship to alcohol, a couple of books about drinking (or rather the mixing of drinks) will always be useful.
The recipe book I have realised (since N owns it) is rather useful for basic stuff I have no clue how to go about.
And who can resist maps? :)

Another mystery novel. Well, it is just one. An evening's entertainment.
A book with japanese art. Can never hurt to have. Good for my art library.
More origami. This one seems quite decent, though I knew about half the patterns.
And a book about weapons. <3 No resisting that one.


  1. That Origami-book looks good. And the cocktails book as well. And quite a many of them. Erm, the whole pile looks good!

  2. The origami book is actually quite nice. It includes some paper which I liked the quality of (it isn't as big as it looks since its a box). To be honest: I went back looking for it to buy it for you yesterday, but it was sold out :(

    However, I know most of the tricks in the origami book, so I could just teach myself the ones I dont know and donate the actual book to you, if you want! Spread the good vibes of folding! :D

  3. Yea, I could maybe borrow it for a while and if you would long to have it back, return it to you :)


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