Monday, 18 February 2008

4 mm and going...

The second pair piercings are 4mm, I have decided to get them up to 6 - mostly because I can re-use most of my jewellery then. I am also considering getting the third set up to 4 though, simply because the stretched piercings are much healthier than the "normal" (unstretched) ones. I am taking a break at the moment because the right ear got a minor infection - so I will leave them to heal for a while before easing them up to five and then six. I don't have any 5mm jewellery, so I will have to move faster than I like on that step, not being able to stop like I have been doing on each jewellery size this time around. However on the first ones I went from 2 to 6 mm on three weeks and they are fine so I guess I shouldn't worry so much (partly lack of sense partly they just slid through - I have had some of that now too, after stretching to 3mm I didn't need the 4mm horn, it just went right through and out on the back - however two days later I got that darned infection - probably drooled on my pillow then rubbed my ear in it).

I also bought hair dye during the weekend, so I will soon (after a new home is secured, mind) return to my true pink-purple haired self. Looking forwards to it? Oh yes baby. Now I just lack those hot pink Underground boots. :P~~~

And I should SO cut my hair. Hrm. Ah well.. I'll leave it long and straight for now.

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