Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Two things (or is it three)

1) Apparently I can no longer eat one of these things without getting sick, and I don't know which thing: Bread with cheese. Carrots. Potatoes. Eggs. Lacto-free creme fraiche.

Meh. I am heading in to work later when my medicines have started working.

2) I have been planning to cut my hair as soon as I can find a decent hairdresser. I have been thinking about the drawback that shorter hair might tempt me to start dyeing again, but decided to just try and keep my good intentions about no dyeing.

Now I really really really want to cut it and dye it and attach things to it and perhaps re-take the lip piercing and stretch my ears more and... I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF LOOKING BORING BUT NICE! I know it has advantages but but but.

What to do? Skip the piercing and just play with the hair? Do it all? What about my money-saving project for my travelling? Oh, the decisions the decisions.

But, an upside to my current existance: TN saturday, wheee I like the tSoM theme! Hope my brother will come and keep me company. I want fun company and friends around me. Time to go nuts! Anyone else want to come with me?


  1. Ang 1. Sjekk den lista jeg mailet til deg.

  2. I'm there! Look for me on the corner...and I promise to leave my eggs and cheese at home...can't make the same promise about my potato, he's just fun to travel with.

  3. Jag skulle velat vara där... Men jag är ju tråkig, trist, jobbar och håller på istället... Fuck. Jag måste komma ihåg att passa på att leva innan jag dör!

    *kramar om*


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