Sunday, 20 January 2008

Think happy thoughts

Welcome to another rant by the Random thinker!

I had a week where I was weary and tired most of the time. I sat up too long several nights, but even when I went to bed I had problems sleeping, just like I have had since before christmas. Instead of going for a restful sleepy weekend, like I usually do, I got drunk on both friday and saturday however. And it was a good idea - it gave some release to my tense nerves. It also made me say the right things to the right person yesterday and with some luck a home can be found in the near future, shared or otherwise. Friday me and Christine went to the cinema, lost two hours of our lives we aren't getting back, then went for a comfort beer (that turned into more than one, as usual) and laid plans for the spring. Hopefully we will be allowed by work to go on vacation together, so we can have all the fun we are planning to.

Last night I headed home earlyish - the storm was lessening and I had talked to N, and his mood made me worry about Linus, so I took a train home instead of staying the night as was the plan. As it turned out, I didn't sleep much but I am sure it was all to the good, and I suspect I would hardly have gotten more sleep had I stayed.

Working evening shift all week, hopefully that slight adjustment in sleeping rhythm will be enough to make me get some rest. Not having to get up at six, I mean.

Generally I am feeling optimistic about the future. I will manage to find myself another, hopefully better, place to live. I will save money and go on vacation with C., as well as dragging my ass to Dublin to visit Inz. I will make friends in this godforsaken city. I am living healthier - no bus pass is money-saving and also gives me an hour or more of free exercise a day. I have managed to find eating habits that keeps even my constantly upset tummy fairly happy, and as a bonus I have been losing some weight (hope I won't jinx it by writing it down here!). I like my job fairly well, and want to stay on in the company for a while more. And I am getting my confidence in myself as a person back, day by day. Just realising what was going on, made the curve turn, like my mother predicted. I have weaned myself off tea - which means I have started to drink water instead, finally. All in all, this spring (it does feel like spring out there) seems to have the possibilities of becoming a good one.

Hopefully we will manage to get the board gaming sessions running again, even with T working elsewhere and W in another town. That is the only thing really lacking at the moment.

And this week I am meeting darling Jassu for breakfast, she is back in .Se for a visit. I have missed her muchly while she was stateside learning to become an Okie. Whee!


  1. vad var det för dålig film ni såg? :)

  2. Enchanted. Meh. Inte ens rolig :(

  3. Hopefully your friend will undergo rigorous health and mental checks upon her return. Mostly just to rid her of that famous dreaded Okie's not just a rumor. It will be there whether you can actually see it or not.
    You may want to wear lead overalls for extra protection.

  4. I just read somewhere that a pair of lead overalls would be considered heavy. Huh, well I'm always learning.
    You might want to skip those then and instead find a long stick, point it out in front of you until the tip touches your friend and then don't let her any closer than that.
    It's what my parents do with me whenever I visit. Seems to work as they are both healthier than I am...although you may not want a pointed one like they have. It kind of hurts...especially with repeated stabby motions.


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