Monday, 14 January 2008

My lunchbox!

This post is for you Jeff, and your memory. I guess you were right, huh?

(As always, click to enlarge)


  1. Hah! That is too awesome! I'm giggling out loud at this very moment.
    As soon as I finish that CD I'll be sending you some choice Pony type items that you can keep stored in your My Little Pony Box O' Magic.
    Still giggling...

  2. Disclaimer: I am sleeping long ago, and not at all sitting up surfing still.

    Disclaimer 2:
    The "Box O'Magic" is in fact a moving box fram IKEA stacked far into a closet beneath similar boxes containing "misc" "mixed stuff" "things that should be sorted asap" and so on. There simply is no space, unless I can find something else, like books, to pack down. Too... many... things... (since I am, afterall, a collector of Everything Interesting!). And they are a low priority item, in fact, more of a gathering of happy associations than anything else.

  3. Disclaimer to Disclaimer #2: But I am not ungracious and will of course not say no thanks to more hoard.

  4. Well then, I will limit somewhat the size and number of items I send. Nothing bigger than an extra room.
    I do reserve the right though to add any extra surprises to said package.

  5. Maybe...that's all I can say...maybe...

  6. Hanna: Bought it in the toy store, and it is probably the best quality lunch box I have found so far. Muahaha! I keep getting cool comments about it, it is quite an icebreaker!

  7. Aww...that's so cute! :)


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