Monday, 14 January 2008

Moving blame around

A norwegian professor at BI suggests "a method where the more you travel by plane, the less CO2 in the athmosphere!". Link to article here (in Norwegian).

The idea is that if you pay for instance NOK 100 (SEK 83, USD 5.3, EUR 7.8, GBP 10.3) per hour per seat in environmental fee when flying, these money can go to the specific purpose of taking CO2 out of the air somewhere else. It all sounds nice and dandy, for about two seconds, then reality kicks in and I feel like it is just shifting blame around. Like giving money to plant trees in some obscure project said to be somewhere in Africa because your consciousness is black after driving you SUV too much. Nothing really gets done in other words.

Also, I just see it escalating. Since power plants run by coal are cleaned by the money from airplane passengers, more coal power plants are built, letting out more gases, and more people are flying because it helps against the coal plant's gas problem, and the planes are letting out gases of their own, and its all escalating into a neverending spiral where we are letting out more and more bad stuff, which is where we are going anyway.

Negative thinking, perhaps, but it just sounded so far fetched.


In other news, I am bored and want to be back at work, but I still have fever, so I don't think I am wanted there. Right, Katrin?

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