Sunday, 27 January 2008

In circles...

Today was a good day - spent in the company of Christine, walking for a bit (and she pointing out some major features of Stockholm that I had missed, hrrm) and then winding up in a cafe where we spent the next three hours drinking too much coffee and talking and watching people. Then we walked for another hour, going in a large circle, first along the water and then along streets that looked nice (good logic, huh?). Finally winding up back outside the cafe we jumped on a train home, almost six hours after we left our separate homes.

I also had time to finally spend the gift card I received for Xmas, getting the perfume I had originally wanted.

Now I am... really really really tired, and slightly sore-footed since I for some mysterious reason unknown to myself was wearing boots instead of sneakers although I knew we were going to walk. Heading to bed in a short while - yes, I know it is early, but I am that tired! The coffee probably helped - I don't normally drink it and it has the side effect of making me first queasy then sleepy. So I should stick to tea or juice or just water next time...

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