Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The final resting place of a christmas tree

I am trying to gather courage to go out and see if the sounds I heard this morning was really a container coming - if so I should get rid of the derelict christmas tree lying outside our door. And possibly some other bigger things that should be discarded instead of hoarded on the balcony. In the meantime I am watching Grand Designs and Antony Bourdain on the TV.

The conditioner thing is resolved, and I am yet again really pleased with the service of the shop where I bought it (and heaps of other things through the past couple of years). They are like the equivalent of LensWay (fast deliveries, decent though not the lowest prices, excellent service), only they sell makeup, hair products, and everything similar to make a girl - or a guy - happy. Ok, done with the commercials - but I really am a satisfied customer. I can recommend them.

NYE was fun, thanks to the girls who attended! And I cannot say this enough times, but the cleaning was remarkably simple this time around! Amazing that everything was so tidy. I took pictures only twice during the evening, one of the cook and some of Maria smoking fireworks, when I get around to emptying my camera I will post something on theotherblog.

Ok, time to move into the great outdoors and look for a place to put dead name-sisters to rest.

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